The Cotswold

Changing the world, one site at a time…

The Cotswold

Changing the world, one site at a time…

The Cotswold

Changing the world, one site at a time…

The Cotswold

Changing the world, one site at a time…

A Cotswold Trip - September 2010

For 2010, the month of April, we planned to go on a trip to the Cotswold in UK with friends from US and also meeting up with friends from the Lake District. We were all looking forward...

This time, our April plans did not materialize... An emergency, hospital and needing immediate vascular surgery to the right and left carotic arteries spoiled the plan.

The trip was cancelled, but having paid for flights, we decided to postpone our trip to September and below is an overview of a shortened discovery trip to the Cotswold area in the UK.


Convenient airport for travel also gave us some extra time to see downtown and the harbor area.
The day we visited, there was an organic food event drawing thousands of people. The sheep-sheering could be seen on the event ground near our parking, but we decided not to visit.
Instead we did go to Clifton Village Primerose Café for breakfast, but the line to be seated was too enormous for us and had eggs benedict at the Albion, opposite.
Bristol looks like a working town, not very touristy, but worth the visit. Click the picture at right to see more and you might agree.

The Cotswold

The best decision we ever took was to take a multi day private "Chauffeur-driven" sight-seeing trough the Cotswold. Tim Harrison (click to see his website) proved to be an ACE for our holidays and we almost regretted we did not hire him for more days. He is a recommender for anyone wanting to tour the Cotswold, short or long. You will discover the best gems in the region, the best places to eat or drink and he more than satisfied our request to see the workmen's crafts from past and present. The picture at left shows a horse carriage drive through, and, filled with water it was used to wash the carriages 500 years ago. Click it to see all our pictures of the Cotswold. These build the feeling of a well preserved region and a rich history, vibrantly alive, still today.

Bath and surrounding

The south border of the Cotswold is the small town Bath. We had picked the B&B Vila Magdala to stay a few days and see the downtown, eat at Jamie's, take the tour of the Roman Baths and discover surrounding villages like Stratford-on-Avon, known for the best english tea within a hundred miles.
In Bath we discovered links to the Dutch royals and "Danish White". The Jane Austin museum was a dusty tourist trap, but the Roman Baths were nicely kept alive and a very impressive visit.
Where the Cotswold was filled with (wealthy) elderly people besides many farmers, Bath was having young people eager to work. The city of Bath has been living too much on its merits of the past and only slowly the council is waking up to the fact that renovation everywhere is needed.

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Your feedback is appreciated (3)

Anita Havekost 30 Jan 2016 - 00:15 UTC

We are ladies from California and we just booked Tim! We will spend 3 full days with him in June and are So excited.
Thank you for the photos!
It brings it alive for us.
Thanks Anita

Tim Harrison 26 Jan 2013 - 13:43 UTC

Hi both, I hope you are well..I "ps" your website on my replys to many of my customers. Everyone comments on the quality and interesting images that you is a great help to me to promote my business I have always appreciated your kind words about Tour the Cotswolds.

I hope that you are both well, I fondly remember our few days touring.. Partially thanks to you my business is booming!

Best wishes Tim

pat green 17 Nov 2010 - 11:51 UTC

just watched your super pics . so glad you made your trip and had such good weather. reminds me how lucky we are to live here! just said to peter we must get out and do a bit more exploring to find some of these places obviously we know most but you had a very good guide. hope you both keep well and hope to see you soon. best regards